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How to choose the best type of tea for you

Posted by on Mar 5, 2016 in Benefits Of Tea, Medicinal Teas, Types of Tea |

Tea has long been known for its many benefits and it is very respected and represented in many cultures, especially in Asia, where it came from. Since the culture of drinking tea has spread all over the world, the choice available in tea shops and markets is incredible. Even though there are many variations of tea, most of them come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. Tea-Brewing-and-Equipment-Guide-Foodal

They differ in the production process, and their benefits differ according to type:

Green tea – we can say this is the basic type of tea, which is not fermented and its leaves stay green after picking and quick steaming. It is known for high percentage of antioxidants as well as plenty of vitamins and minerals.

White tea – it consists of freshly picked and air-dried tea leaves, it is lightly fermented and has mild taste. It reduces risk of cancer and cardiovascular problems and helps improve oral health.

Yellow tea – it is made through a process similar to green tea, but the leaves are steamed or dried more quickly, so the green color is lost and the leaves turn slightly yellow. It has the same benefits as white and green tea.

Oolong tea – it is partially fermented and its leaves stay green after processing. It is beneficial for cancer and heart disease prevention, but also for improving brain functions.

Black tea – its leaves are fully fermented and they come in dark brown or black color. It is the most popular variety in Western culture, and it has plenty of antioxidants and the same benefits as black and green tea.

Pu-erh – it is produced in China and known as Chinese black tea. It is fermented twice and it is aged, and often comes in the shape of cakes or brick of compressed leaves. It has strong taste and plenty of benefits for heart, brain, blood sugar and intestines.

In addition to tea types based on Camellia sinensis, there are plenty of other tea varieties coming from different plants, which are often blended together with green or black tea. Therefore, you can drink green tea with jasmine, lemon or ginger, black tea with bergamot and plenty of other combinations.

Also, it is not only herbs that are added to tea leaves, but also fruit and nuts – strawberries, cranberries, almonds and much more.

Different types of teas have different benefits, and since tea drinking culture has spread onto the Western world, the choice of teas and tea blends has become huge and the ambience of drinking tea has become important. A large choice of teas can be found in specialized shops such as “The Tea Shoppe Cape Cod”, where you can find tea for any occasion and any purpose. It also has a pleasant ambience for tea drinking, and even some Austin production companies and photographers have chosen it for their shooting sessions. Since a large choice of teas has become available and easy to find, even those who used not to like tea will be able to find a blend or a type they will start drinking and which they will enjoy.

Tea for tea lovers and beginners

Posted by on Mar 5, 2016 in Benefits Of Tea, Medicinal Teas, Types of Tea |

If you think that you know a lot about tea, and you still drink tea that is sold in teabags and you think that herbal tea is the best then you obviously know nothing. If you want to learn what is tea really, and you like drinking tea then visit The Tea Shoppe Cape Cod.

This is a fairly small tea shop that offers many different types of tea for you to drink on the spot or buy and enjoy it in your home. You won’t find diversity as you would find in big chains of tea shops, but you will find some quality tea, for which you will thank me later.

If you want more info about certain tea I list here check austin production companies videos, they made several videos about some of the best black teas you can find.

The Tea Shoppe Cape Cod is a shop that has its focus slightly tilted towards black teas, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have several types of other teas.

If you want to drink some herbal tea, which is not considered as tea at all, then you are out of luck, because this shop doesn’t sell it. But if you want to buy some white tea (a tea which is made from young leaves), then pay a visit to the shop and see what they have at that moment. If you want my advice, go for Chine White or Fujian White, you can’t make mistake with those two.Even if you come to taste and buy green tea don’t ask for it to be flavored. Adding flavor to the tea destroys the purpose of it, so try not to do it. Best flavor of the tea is the flavor that it absorbed during its growth.

Oolong tea is a bit more traditional type of tea, which is not advised to beginners. Only seasoned tea lovers will appreciate the taste of Oolong tea.
For people that want to change their favored type of hot drink from coffee to tea, black tea is advised. Black tea has the strongest flavor and the most caffeine out of all tea types. Many western tea shops sell black tea in tea bags which changes the taste of the tea. And that is why The Tea Shoppe Cape Cod will never sell you black tea inside a teabag.

As I said this tea shop specialized in black tea, and from time to time you might find some pretty interesting and tasteful types of black tea.

If a season is right you might be able to buy Golden Moon Golden Monkey black tea, which might be expensive, but it provides very nice flavor worth the price. Darjeeling Princeton is a subtle blend of black tea originally produced in France. If you happen to find it in this shop then buy it instantly. There are many types of Earl Gray tea, but none of them is as delicious as Stash Earl Gray. This is a rare tea to find in USA, but this shop always has some of it.